I am a folk artist, painter, designer of patented regional and standard textile patterns. My favorite theme in the painting are roses, from which she creates unique textile patterns, combining different world cultures. I paint decoratively on textiles like on wedding dresses, regional wear, scarfs, shoes....at the same time, I cultivate the highland tradition in the design of regional costumes with my own textiles and designs, promoting tradition throughout the world, including in Poland, Australia, Middle East, and Sweden, where I live permanently. My designs and costumes are worn mainly by folklore lovers and celebrities of the Polish and Swedish show business people. I am one of the stylists of the Taraka folk band, for whom I designed shirts with a Highlander accent of the traditional herb called Carlina Acaulis, which can be seen in a music video and also in the theatre. Many times, my textiles and designs were also presented in the collection of famous folk fashion designers. I am one of the first person in the Podhale area who created a Tibetan pattern in - three roses – from my own art. It’s not copied from other cultures and I have moved the motif of a Carlina Acaulis from a highlander corset to the regional textile. My business idea is my own artistic creation and talent that God gave me. I design for famous fashion designers who dress stage artists. I design and sell textile with my original design internationally. Authors' collections are a mix of my artistic talent and various regional cultures. My goal is also to revive the Swedish folklore. Hand-painted roses, flowers, elements of Highlander´s folklore, strong colors are the leitmotif in my collections. 9th of November 2018 I had been awarded and became an Ambassador of Business Women for promoting entrepreneurship in the world and achieving outstanding business successes. I am one of the women who is a co-author of the second edition of Kinga Langley's book "BUSINESS INSPIRATIONS OF POLISH WOMEN IN THE WORLD," in which I share my knowledge, inspiring others to achieve financial and personal success. I started from ZERO, today I enjoy the fullness of life and successfully run my company and all this is done to show how great is our God with his benefits, which He gives us, how beautiful is our tradition