I am a folk artist, painter, and designer of patented regional and standard textile patterns at the same time I am a fashion designer. My favorite theme in the painting and designing are roses, from which I create unique textile patterns, combining different world cultures, and promoting polish and Scandinavian folklore all over the world. I paint decoratively on textiles like on wedding dresses, regional wear, scarfs, and shoes.

I cultivate the regional tradition in the design of regional costumes with my own textiles, promoting Swedish, polish traditions throughout the world. My original patterns and textiles can be used for home decoration, clothes...

 ACHIEVEMENTS On the 9th of November 2018, I had been awarded and became an Ambassador of Business Women for promoting entrepreneurship in the world and achieving outstanding business successes. I am one of the women who is a co-author of the second edition of Kinga Langley’s book “BUSINESS INSPIRATIONS OF POLISH WOMEN IN THE WORLD,” in which I share my knowledge, inspiring others to achieve financial and personal success. I started from zero, today I enjoy the fullness of life and successfully run my company and all this is done to show how great is our God with his benefits, which He gives us, how beautiful is our tradition.

 I am the Editor in Chief of the DESIGNER magazine Stockholm, www.thedesigner.se, author, co-author, publicist, guidebook publisher, Ambassador of World Polonia Heritage, Business Women Ambassador, Ambassador of Creativity, member of the artistic association Proformart, artist, painter, designer of textile patterns and textiles, designer of modern costumes with folk accents, promoter of the Polish Highland and Scandinavian regional culture. 

I am a self-publishing company. I am the author of the e-book, The Ambassador of the God’s Diamonds, How to become a designer, My design is worn by actors, singers, and celebrities. It was presented on every TV in Poland. I am the owner of the biggest artistic FB group,, Oil painting is my passion, 20,000 members! 

My roses became one of the best pictures of vintage roses on Pinterest 2019! My oil painting, Irises, got 1st place as 1 of 5000 best oil paintings in an online competition in 2013!