Halina Bartoszek  ROSA / Sweden

Halina Bartoszek ,, Rose ,, rose of highlander`s .she was born in Nowy Targ in November 13, 1977. She grew up in Podhale in Biały Dunajec. For 25 year, halina`s family ran their own business producing shoes , where Halina learned the first steps in entrepreneurship. At the age of 11, she had her own product on the market which were mini shoes - gadgets that she made by herself and then she sold at the bazaars. She graduated from the technical school of building in Zakopane in 1997, where she pursued her artistic passions in technical and artworks. In 2001 she graduated from a English High Communication Skills course in Nowy Targ.
... Develop your talents because you have so many of them… Halina was often told ... Initially, Halina Bartoszek dealt with painting. Painting is her passion and great joy of life. He paints with oil and acrylic paints, primarily flowers, landscapes, fruits, portraits, furniture, she also paints on the fabric - wedding dresses, shoes, handkerchiefs. Her favourite theme is the tatra landscapes, crocuses and roses. On 17/06/2015, an exhibition of Halina Rosa's art at Góralski Przystanek took place. 


In 2008, she set up her own business which was a picture gallery and artistic services, co-operating in business with the Chinese market for many years, where she acquired valuable business experience. She actively participated in regional events, including at the European Regional Products air in Zakopane, where she also ran painting workshops on glass. She was a member of ,, laboratory of art "at mMOK in Nowy Targ. 


She participated in annual exhibitions and competitions organized by the mMOK. There, in 2012, she won an award in the amateur art creation competition titled Dumania dumaca z Gorców for the image of sycamore avenue - inspired by the work of Władysław Orkan, award of the Nowotarski Division of the Podhalan Association.

Halina Rosa's work is an inspiration for poets, among others, Adam Kwiatek, because he wrote for her especially the poem "painted shawl", published in the volume of poems -Highlander`s soul

(09 september 2013)
White fabric - very delicate,
A brush in the hands of a girl,
From the palette - scarlet paint,
It penetrates the weave of the painted fabric.

After a few moves of the brush,
An image of a beautiful flower emerges,
It's rose - like a shell,
Worthy of royal majesty.

Colourful flowers - a few roses,
They decorate delicate fabric,
Headscarf - receives a pattern,
Satisfying the painter - a girl.

The hand of a painter - as if in the rhythm of the music,
From the palette to the fabric - the colours were laid,
It's craftsmanship and talent - painting technique,
To make a painted headscarf - it was amazing!

As Halina Bartoszek was alone with three children she decided to permanently move to Sweden in 2015 to educate her children and give them a better future. Despite the financial difficulties of not accepting her plans, the swedish system believes in her entrepreneurship and enabled Halina Rosa to continue her artistic and business passions promoting polish regional culture and do not to give up and as a single mother, to work as a personal assistant, study swedish language, study business, run her own company. Such were also her ambitions from the very beginning. Her faith, highlander stubbornness, diligence and artistic talent led her to the right path as she spoke in an interview with the editor Tadeusz Nowakowski for New Polish Newspaper 13.08.2017 / biweekly published in Stockholm. 


In 2016, she graduated from the business school in Sweden, where she wrote a business plan in swedish, which was approved by the city authorities. Although the swedish authorities are reluctant to accept artistic business plans, Halina Rosa succeeded and opened her own business. She became a member of the Ogniwo Aassociation of Poles, where she actively participates in exhibitions and cultural events, including fairs, exhibitions and folk fashion shows, one of them took place in Stockholm in the 15th of September 2018, during the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Poland's Independence. 

Https://www.poloniainfo.se/artykul.php?id=1772, the second took place in Poland in Zakopane 28.11.2018 this is the biggest folk fashion show ,, Polki Folki ,,

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Halina Bartoszek is the founder of the Halina Rosa Design brand.

She is a folklore artist, painter, above all a highlander, designer of patented regional, standard textile patterns. Her favourite theme in painting are roses, from which she creates unique textile patterns, combining different world cultures while at the same time nurturing the highland tradition in the design of regional costumes with her own textiles and designs promote polish tradition throughout the world, including in Poland in Australia where on 22/07/2017 an exhibition of Halina Rosa's work took place 


 in the Middle East and Sweden, where the artist lives permanently. Her designs and costumes are worn mainly by folklore lovers and celebrities of the polish and swedish show business. Halina Rosa is one of the stylists of the Taraka folklore band, for whom she designed shirts with a highlander accent of many forces / nine-strengths, which can be seen in Grzegorz Halam's music video - "Chwilówka" ,, whether in the play Wia-gra kamienica -Justnyny Sieńczyło and Emiliana Kamińskiego many times her textiles and designs were also presented in the collection of famous folk fashion designer Aneta larysa knap-folk Design. 


 she is the first native highlander who created a tibetan pattern in - three roses -not from one's own art, does not come from other cultures and has moved the motif of a Carlina Acaulis from a highlander corset to regional textiles. Her business method is her own artistic creation and talent that god gave her. Halina rosa design is aimed at famous fashion designers who dress stage artists, she designs and sells textiles with her own original design internationally. The culture of Podhale region is the most important for her. Authors' collections are a mix of her artistic talent and various regional cultures. Her goal is also to revive swedish folklore. Hand-painted roses, flowers, elements of highlander´s folklore, strong colours are the identifying motif in her collections. In 2018.11.09 she is awarded and became an Ambassador of Business Women for promoting entrepreneurship in the world and achieving outstanding business successes. She is one of she was chosen as the one polish woman from 15 countries from the world, co-author of the second edition of Kinga Langley's book "Business Inspirations of Polish Women in the World," in which she shares her knowledge, inspiring others to act and achieve financial and personal success, a woman who started from zero. Today she enjoys the fullness of life and successfully runs her company in poland and abroad, and all this is done to show how great is our god is with his benefits, which gives us, how beautiful is our Poland and polish tradition is. Somebody said ... It would be pity if there is no world but it would be more pity, if there is no mountains and highlander`s people ...